lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009


hi mates,

finally sylt is done,the hardest event of the year has finished with hard core condition,bothside wind directions an massive shorebreaks and really cold.
we all celebrate the big victory for my friend alex that won this event with a great performance in both tack,excellent show,amazing sailor that after a couple of year of been in the shadow start to shine again,CONGRATULATIONS BRO!!.
this year it,s been a ok year for most of the spanish guys but we are stepping in the top slowly but without stop.finishing the overall results like this:
victor 6 place.
musso 9 place.
dani 11 place.
jonas 12 place.
dario 16 place.

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Magnum dijo...

Enhorabuena a todos!!! Sois unos máquinas, a darle más caña el año que viene, mucha suerte y ¡a por ellos!