miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010


Hi friends,

we started the single elimination with good sizes wave but with light winds where it was really tricky to do good heats.

I passed my first heat against Ben Proffit and then I had Kauli where I got a double and a backloop with one increadible wave ride with 2 takas in the critical part of the wave but kauli had good luck and pass the heat having the 9th position in the single.

congratulations to Kauli,Ricardo and Dany for the great result!!

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azuldeultramar dijo...

Joder Darío que bueno eres, diciendo que "Kauli had good luck" yo vi tu manga y no me lo podía creer cuando dieron el resultado... lo de los jueces de la PWA (Polculo Windsurfers Asociation) empieza a ser de juzgado de guaria.