miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

C.I.W 2011 Pozo Windsurfing rental.

Hi friends,

Just Inform you about the Pozo windsurfing center right at Pozo beach is opening a windsurfing rental hosted by Dario Ojeda, he will provide you the quiver that fit best to get your level to the highest perfomance.
Here you will find best quiver at the best rates to enjoy in windiest place in the world.

Pozo is well known as one of the best place to improve your sailing and for having wind almost all year around,so it,s a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport and to sail at the training ground together with some of the top stars of windsurf world.

Find advice and tips with a world class sailor plus all the equipment supervised by Dario Ojeda for your best perfomance.

Also there you can have accomodation,swimming pool restaurant,diving school apart from the windsurf rental placed right at the beach of Pozo.

Check out their website www.pozo-ciw.com.

For more information about the windsurfing rental just contact info@pozo-ciw.com. phone 0034928121400 or 609969983.

Check out some pics and looking forward to see you around.

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