miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

cape verde tales

Increidible but true!!
just in my way to cv,we arrived in praia to fly to sal for the first contest of the year and when I was passing the customs for my visa the found that my passport was expired just a week ago that I didnt even know and the lock me up with some other in a celd with no beds,food or water for 24 hours without knowing anything of outside world,I had one of my worst times in m y life.didn,t when they were gonna open that door or when I was getting out or if they were gonna let me go and the other thing is that they were gonna send me back to spain take my opportunity to do the first event of the year.
after more than 24 hours that door opened and the told me that the spanish embassy contact then and they were gonna take care of me and find special pass to continue to fly to sal,thanksssss!!so happy to be out of that celd,the treatment of the police there was like they treating with animals..
but finally my nightmare was gone and I took the next flight to sal with jonas and bart..

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Julio dijo...

Hola Dario,

Vaya aventura, me alegro de que tuviese un final feliz. Yo vivo en Portugal y esta semana comentabamos historias Caboverdianas diversas de allí. Les voy a pasar tu post para reirnos un rato, no de los caboverdianos, sino de las situaciones claro ;)
Que te vaya fenomenal y si puedes ve poniendo post para seguirte. Bons Ventos!