domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

second day in c.v 2009

second day of contest and the waves didn,t stop coming in little smaller but perfect.

today the wind was little little than day one but more offshore that means that the waves ones
you drop into them they were really glassy,heats were 40 minutes long cos of the light wind and the waves were taking too much time to come.
I managed to pass my heat after having a lot of trouble in the beginning when I took my second wave and went to the rocks,after I lost a big set.
with only 10 min left I had  the 2 waves that I need it to pass the heat,in this two waves I had couple of good turn an one handed aerial and in the second waves good turns and 3 aerial in the wave.
tomorrow will be less swell but for tuesday we expecting really good swell.


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