domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

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first day of contest,first day of show.
incredible conditions with a lots of first class rides and aerials in punta preta.
my first heat was 4 men wich 2 best pass to the next one but it was gonna be a tough one cos 
in that heat was nothing more like kevin pritchard,levi,ricardo and me.
had a good heat,got 4 waves and 2 really good ones with big aerials and turns but it was so close with me and kevin that they give it to kevin for half points getting 3 in the that heat.damn!!!!!!
let,s see what happens tomorrow.

looks that the swell is no gonna stop.

check this aerial form the my heat,thanks jonh carter for this shoot.

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azuldeultramar dijo...

chacho!!! no tenia ni idea que habias fichado por Simmer, vaya sorpresa :)