sábado, 18 de julio de 2009


finally we are done with the event,this year it,s been pretty hard condition,a bit light and tricky the first days and super strong pozo like it used to be,nearly 50 knots and good waves.
the level this year is incredible,we are seing a new wavesailing in pozo with a lot more of manouvers that we used to see before like in every heat 360backsides and front side,takas,goiters...all the jumps,a lot of doubles ....incredible level this year with the beast"phillip"amazing show it,s going to another level now.
I,m defenetly really happy with  my result and my performance,so let,s see how level is going to be in the pozo 2010,I think it,s something that you don,t want to miss seeing.
all my congrats to phillip,victor,ricardo,jonas and me!!!hahahaha

tomorrow I,ll have to keep on compiting in pozo for the spanish cup.

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