sábado, 11 de julio de 2009


hi everyone,
finally is here,all the year we been waiting for this event,to show a great performance and try to do my best result.we started to do the inscriptions while the tide was coming up and getting good waves ready for the wave contest.
as soon as we finished with the inscription,they give the notice that we was going to started the first elimination of wave.so jumped in the water in the 5th heat of the day against the italian rider that been livinig in pozo for a while now.have to said that I did a really good job nailing all the moves.
one of the best heats of the days,for my surf when I did a big 360 on the wave and nices takas for the jumps table forwards,pushtable,one handed backloops,stoked for my performance!!!
tomorrow I will have robbie switf in my next heat,let,s see what happens.
thank to continent seven for mantion me in their page for my performance as the pwa notice writer didn,t say anything of my great performance,for most of the spectators on of the best of the day.

thanks and tomorrow more news and pics.

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windsurfmexico.com dijo...

mucha suerte mañana. seguro estarás en las semifinales y mas.