domingo, 12 de julio de 2009



the conditions were not so good in the morning with the low tide but as soon as the water was coming up the waves were shaping up and getting better,have to say that were difficult conditions as for looking for jumps or waverides.
i,m stoked that I took out excellent riders swift with the higher score waveriding with a 9 doing a tweaked backside aerial with big frontside turn a taka and aerial at the end.
next heat was up with kevin pritchard where I also made with good jumps and fluid waverides and takas,so really happy to beat 2 big names and still there!!
now in the next heat against musso that been ripping all this days,it,s gonna be good to watch.

will see how the conditions are todays.

more news later.

thanks jc for the pic and also to arcadio.

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