lunes, 13 de julio de 2009


finally we finished the single elimination,we had good conditions but a bit tricky because the wind was really gusty.
I,m really happy with the result by finishing 4th I did my best in what the conditions were so I guess now is tie for me to relax until the double start and see who is coming next.
my heat against musso was really difficult,we both  sailed incredible but at the end everything went well for me.then against victor was missing one jump so If I got one more jump I would have win victor going straight to the final,in that heat I had a really tweaked 360 and an air taka.
congratulation to phillip,young big man!!!is all my respect.also to victor and jonas,good job.
it,s so nice to see a podium like this,with all young and canarian and spanish.
let,s see what,s in the double elimination.

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muchas felicidades por el 4th y seguro en la doble te ira mejor.